Oh well.

Amid internship applications, I decided that today was a day to let loose.

So I will go cook my chicken as I don’t want it to go bad just yet and then head to Ben’s place for some table tennis. I really like table tennis; and frisbee. Both new sports to me but I have this thing with new sports that I like: I work really hard for it, aggressively hard. But maybe that was just for football. I haven’t played a proper game of futsal in ages and I really miss it; but Wednesday proved that I could run without my back hurting although my legs are still sore. This is the only faintest glimmer of hope in what felt like an eternity. You know when you really love something like a hobby and you can’t play for a short while and it kicks you out of your usual routine and then you realise “Shit, I can’t do that now can I?” 



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