One more week until I go back!

It’s funny how I remembered to write a post tonight and forgot about it moments later. It happened three times.

I can’t wait to set foot on the land I call home. The home of fragrant coconut rice with “mouth-burning things” (as told by a Parisian I met at a flat party in The Tannery) and ro gu cha (as exclaimed by a Taiwanese friend who thinks he’s the only Taiwanese in Leeds) which is FATTY GOODNESS. OH GOD YAU CHA KUAI. I CAN SEE YOU IN FRONT OF ME.

Anyway with all the hype surrounding those who are returning home, I commiserate with those who aren’t. Some are not going back because they want to stay and celebrate Christmas here and some who are financially restricted will just have to make do and go celebrate New Year’s Eve in London, the place where you can hear the chimes of Big Ben (here’s Big Ben’s twitter account) and sink in the throngs of shoppers carrying big bulky bags and the working class in suits. It doesn’t sound that bad now, does it?

There are similarities in differences. The party I went to yesterday night was a very different one because everyone had their own group of people from the same country whereas it required for me to put in a little effort to get to know them. Cultural differences, as long as they exist there will be uneasiness and unfamiliarity.

Sometimes I would blurt out a ‘WEY’ or ‘LA’ in front of my flatmates, then realise it would only add to their confusion of the initial message I was trying to put across. You know you can never feel at home somewhere else; but you can get really close to its warmth. The warmth of pleasant familiarity and tacit understanding is priceless and not much can surpass that. You can always try to get used to a different culture but ‘getting used to it’ is merely a method of survival. Maybe one day it could be more than that; and maybe there’s a chance that one day you could feel a sense of belonging.

I’m dead tired now. Got to recharge for tomorrow. #success

Good night everyone!


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