German sausages.

I went to get some marijuana just now… I mean hotdogs.

What a mistake that was. I think it’s because I’m now watching a video about medical marijuana being the best treatment for a young girl diagnosed with cancer. Apparently, the kid became more and more energetic, got a better appetite for food and is now happy as ever. She sure sounds high all the time though; but, she’s happy and that’s all that matters.

I wonder how she will feel like when she stops taking the marijuana though. She could 1) struggle with withdrawal syndrome or 2) … Je ne sais pas.

Did you know  that I turn into grumpy man whenever I’m hungry?

Before I eat, I become hungry like a lion after two days of no wildebeests. After I eat, I’m a happy man, thankful for the existence of meat, vegetables, salt and spices. For example, in the picture there is Krish (which autocorrect corrects into Irish). Beside Krish, there’s Bee Lee. Yes, my accounting tutor who lives in USJ, Malaysia. She’s taken a new form now as a University of Leeds student.

Anyway, in the picture they are both munching on fresh bread and some German ‘spezial’ sausages. JUST LOOK AT THE SMILES ON THEIR FACES. As that was happening, I admit I repeated the line “Omg, the bread is so nice” several times while groaning, delighted with the crust of the bread. The ‘spezial’ sausages were fantastic as well albeit 3.5 pounds for an XL and 4 pounds for an XXL.

Oh yes, everybody likes them long. Notice how the sausage on the right emerged from the bread at the time this picture was taken.


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