A list of a few things I am thinking about…

There comes a time when you have so much time but you’re spending it on being alone. Semester’s over and guess what? I’m packing! Everyone else is out there having fun in nightclubs while some of us are staying in to clean up their rooms and regaining lost hours of sleep; and, I’m here updating you lovely viewers about whatever that has been going on in my head:

  1. That Jason Derulo song.
  2. The turbulence that may happen during my flight back home. I HATE turbulence; I like the song though. Whenever the plane takes off I think of it. And then it makes me swell with swagger while everyone else has to deal with flushing toilets and crying babies.
  3. Although it’s just three weeks, I am missing my room already. The life in Leeds, in general. It’s not an issue of missing one place much more over the other. It’s not a competition; but, it’s how you feel that matters. In retrospect, this is how I felt before leaving Malaysia. I guess no matter where you go there’s always a story; and in that story there will be sentiment; and within that sentiment there exists attachment. Mushy feelings aside, I can’t wait to update you about the food in Malaysia. You will feel that I might be trying to make you lick your computer/iPhone/Samsung/Nokia (WOOHOO!) phone screen. 
  4. I wonder if the new International Business lecturer will be as good as Mr. Adam next semester. I certainly hope so! 
  5. Bitcoins are overrated. For now, at least.
  6. I think I might have fever. I’m feeling a little too warm at the moment.
  7. “You’re not supposed to bring a lot of stuff back home, right?”
  8. “Is that my tummy rumbling again?”

Let’s hope I don’t fall sick! #prayforshaun #trendingtopic #prayforshaun #notbieber 


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