Have an awesome day everyone.

Good morning everyone!

Today I woke up at 11 a.m on a nice, comfortably hard bed (it makes my back feel oh-so-good) and had some homemade chicken rice for breakfast. I loved it; but, I still crave for those really oily, extra fragrant ones that are sold in corner lots with hawker stalls spread out across the edge of the area. Although I believe there’s MSG in it, it still doesn’t stop me from hankering for it.

While driving back from my love’s place, I started to absorb what was really happening around me. Every little detail of it. The road lights were yellow, BFM 89.9 was playing on the radio and the road lines were passing before my eyes so swiftly. These were the things I haven’t thought about for three months but when I got into the car and switched into the ‘D’ gear, it felt like home.

Also, love makes you feel good. Love.

I’m pretty tired now which is a good indicator that I have conquered jet lag. So, good night to those who are heading off to bed and good morning to those who are about to start their day. No matter where you are, have an awesome day.



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