Looking good at zero cost.

I think I finally understand why girls love taking photos of themselves is brand new clothes in the changing rooms of H&M, Forever 21 and the like. You feel really pretty and it doesn’t cost you a single cent. You can put on dozens of outfit, switch looks dramatically and still not worry about that enormous hole in your wallet/purse you could have potentially dug after thirty minutes upon entering a store.

Yesterday I felt like a really good-looking, stereotypically suave man and it’s just because I had a suit on. Not just any suit. A slim-fit, sharp-looking, navy blue suit.  Seventy-eight percent wool and twenty-two percent cotton/polyester. Not too sure about it because I was too busy looking at myself. Do I sound like vain person? Hell yeah! So what! Nobody looks this good all the time so you might as well bathe yourself in some “Damn son, you’re well fit” while the fleeting moment lasts. ßA sentence indicating globalization (“Damn son” being American; “Well fit”, British)

 I’m not done.

 After I got into a fully formal outfit, I put on one of those huge coats that I saw stockbrokers wear in The Pursuit of Happyness and thought of a scene where I exclaim to my mom, “Look mum! I’m now ready to be a stockbroker!” It’s a career option in mind but I’m still looking for that one best career choice with all the free time I have in university; and, didn’t “one best career choice” remind you of Organizational Behavior?

 Speaking of Organizational Behavior, I never thought I would be doing the same subject as my Sigma classmates’ but just a seemingly never-ending 21-hour flight away. While the PM1 classmates are mostly venturing into the realm of science, the Sigma classmates (and Keng Ngee) have already set their feet onto the sphere of commerce.

 Life is sure full of variety; and variety, being the spice of life, is in abundance; you just need to stay naïve as see every object and the minutest of its details as it is. 

Isn’t life fantastic? Have a great day everyone.


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