Only 3 more days until I leave. THOSE FEELS

It’s only three more days until I depart lovely Malaysia for Leeds. I know it has happened before and I should be used to it by now but I have only one thing to say about it: THOSE FEELS ARE COMING BACK (I’m starting to get emotional again).

I miss being in a flat with my awesome flatmates and international friends, as unique as each of them are, but it saddens me to leave so many awesome Malaysians as well. I definitely enjoyed the spontaneous Taylor’s University Toastmasters meeting organised in my humble abode and of course the people who came. Zahir, Dylan, Yean Yi, Ashikin, Azwan, Wilson, Lalitha and YQ, thank you for coming. You made me feel very special as a General Evaluator of that day and I will make FULL USE of that stress ball. Not to forget the sexual innuendo being passed around the room continually. In fact, it ameliorated the atmosphere of our very informal gathering. 

The dinner that took place later that day was fantastic too. Good company (a mixture of Kota Kemuning buddies, PM1 mates and future doctors) and good food cooked by my mum. BKT and Chicken Rice (without the rice) BABY! Thank you for coming as well and I hope you had a great time getting killed by The Red Killer a.k.a Zhenyu and The Villagers in those rounds of Mafia. 

Besides that, I just bought tons of packets of seasoning and I can tell my Taiwanese friend Sam is looking forward to some delicious Ro Gu Cha. I can hear him exclaim, “That’s so sick!” BKT AT MY PLACE YO. Also Krish, I bought the Maggi packets you requested for too. An invitation to a Maggi party is expected.

Although saddened by my imminent departure, I should probably focus on striving, rather than just adapting to life in Leeds. So, I’m going to do that. There’s no try. Do or do not. With that in my mind, I WILL strive in Leeds and I hope that anyone who reads this will do the same no matter where they are studying in too.

All the best to you in succeeding!



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