Last night’s post

Today is the second day I used fermented black beans in my cooking. To be frank, it smelled foul when I opened the lid; but, when I used it in my stir fry dishes it tasted of salty goodness. It was a different kind of salty, the kind you can’t get from even the best sea salt in the world. You know what’s salty and whets your appetite? Soy sauce. Soya sauce. Whatever. I’m going to use soya sauce because that’s what I call it when I am cooking at home. Say it with me! SO-YA sauce. I reckon I am a little Cinapek so imagine me emphasising on the YA when I say it. 

I’m Chinese, SO-YA.

Besides that, I got my home pull-up bar just now and it’s working well so far although Kate (the flatmate) had some serious doubts about it. I foresee a day when I could do 15 pull-ups at one go. All I have to do to accomplish that is fail as many times as possible. You all need to watch Brian Tracy’s video:

He talks about the probability of success. I know you want to watch it. If not, just watch the first 10 minutes and you will know what I am talking about.


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