Three news stories on a Sunday evening!

In the U.S, police officers in cities such as Detroit and two Californian cities (Stockton and San Bernardino) start to play dirty against local politicians as police pensions costs are being cut after having filed for bankruptcy two years ago. Larger cities like San Diego and San Jose are also forced to cut retirement benefits and alter pension agreements to preempt bankruptcy.

In South Korea, six farms are being quarantined as an outbreak of the avian flu H5N8 was detected. Movements are being restricted in the North and South Jeolla provinces and Gwanju Metropolitan City, just 240km away from Seoul. The first was outbreak was confirmed on the 17th of January and since then 90,000 birds have been culled.

Last but not least in Malaysia, opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim of PKR was denied access to Japan. Withstanding previous entries in years 2006, 2009 and 2012, the leader was ordered by immigration authorities in Narita International Airport to take the next flight home. It was because of a ‘latest report’ that rendered his arguments were invalid.

*Anwar Ibrahim was invited by Mr. Sasakawa, chairman of the Nippon Foundation to present a paper on Muslim democrats.


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