What I think about a girl who complains to be a Singaporean.

This is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydANJ5qLHG4

I wouldn’t make a video like Steph Micayle about why I hate my own country of origin because I would be too grateful to be in a country like Singapore/Malaysia compared to a place struck with terrorist threats like Russia or Syria where Assad’s Muslim Brotherhood is still ruling. It doesn’t make you a better person to be brutally honest. Being who you are does require courage to reveal the truth but without tact, without understanding how good of a life you already have, without knowing how many people would kill to be in your country, to live in it as a proud citizen, will just make you sound like someone spoilt for choice. 

Criticising your own country’s education system is not going to improve it. Criticising your own identity (no matter how sound the argument is) is not going to make you improve. Too often people/critics amplify the problem, but not the solution. Steph amplifies the problem; but, the whole video is meaningless without a solution. 

Also, being Singaporean is part of your identity. In a way, it is saying you’re not proud to be yourself.

This post emphasises on how some people will never be happy with ‘just enough’. Although chasing your dreams demands you to cross unseen borders, you should always treasure what you already have and not put down your own identity. Most importantly, if you want to address (or like Steph Micayle, AMPLIFY) a problem, do yourself and everyone a favour and come up with a solution.



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