Last September, we were trying to get used to being in a long distance relationship.

Last October, we were struggling. With all our late night/early morning arguments and talks about not spending enough time together, shifting priorities and hours spent on doing laundry, we thought it could have been the end of us.

Last November, we were still struggling but everything got easier. The occasional misunderstandings happened but there were less of those. We knew we needed to change as individuals if it meant keeping us alive.

Last December, I was so happy to see you again in person.

Two days ago, we argued about something really stupid. Causes? Me not being sensitive enough with my words and me thinking you were too sensitive with your assumptions. It made me think you doubted us. It made me doubt us. I needed trust and that’s what you needed from me too to make the relationship work. After two hours of unpleasant tension, we made up to each other and started laughing about our silly, foolish behaviours. Let’s not show that side of us to our friends, we might not have any left if we did.

Ten minutes ago, it was the day that marked our twenty-five months together. We both had forgotten about it. Well, I wished you through a WhatsApp message at the last minute of the day but you were already asleep. It doesn’t matter now. It doesn’t make any difference because we both know that we have each other close to our hearts, with or without a message.

At this moment, my fingers smell like a mixture of salted egg and black pepper crabs. I found out when I was picking my nose in the car on the way home. I knew you would appreciate it if I told you about this in person with the usual ”Shaun, please”. I know you like that weird, disgusting side of me. I like yours too so I am going to protect your pride and leave out the part where you love making rather strange bird-like noises, in which I always respond with stranger bird calls. This always continues until the point we can’t further raise the pitch anymore. Yes, I still love you for that and I know you love me for being me too.

There’s a harmonious understanding that we have our own lives. It’s fine that we don’t get to spend as much time as before anymore. It’s all good. Things change, people change, we changed; but I’m still so in love with you and that’s all that matters now.


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