Sometimes I feel over the moon when I am with friends, throwing gossip from one end of the table to the other over dinner; when I am with my loved ones, embracing the unconditional warmth they shower me with; when I am alone, and my thoughts take their own time to align themselves to reason and logic. During these moments I wish I could stay in them for as long as possible, because forever is after all, a fraud. I wish I could delay for as long as possible the end of these precious times that always come by so rarely, like a nice sunny cloudless day during winter. I wish I could absorb all their goodness left within them like a sponge before they come to a permanent end, never repeating themselves ever again. You could hopelessly wait for an encore; but why not savour every second of it while engraving it in the deepest valleys of your mind, like drawing all the good things that your heart could see on a piece of paper with permanent ink. We attempt this through the lenses of our cameras, believing that we could capture every moment with technology and hang that one instant of the whole experiences on the wall. If that is not good enough, we film the whole scene, involving everyone and their childish, stupid and unforgettable actions within the limits of a frame and a 16-second period. If 16 seconds is not good enough, we could extend it to an hour. If an hour is not good enough, we could extend it to five; but, what is the worth of that when you leave yourself out of the picture the whole time? That’s when the tripod of the DSLR comes into place, an argument of the disagreers. An argument that would probably reach the point where they say CCTVs can help you capture those moments. That will be quite creepy. How much time would it take for you to go out and feel alive again, instead of waiting, waiting and waiting to seek validation from faceless commenters that you are actually in a good place, having a good time. We do not need others to confirm that what we are doing is making ourselves feel good. We just need to feel it, that is all. Nothing else. No amount of ‘likes’ or ‘shares’ will help you confirm what you feel. You just feel; and, that is all that matters. 

You say there’s nothing wrong with recording videos of special moments. So I say do it with your heart, not your bloody phone. 


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