This one is for you, Zorro!

Hi Zorro, I remember there was a time when no one allowed you to come into the house; but, I thought why should you be denied the chance to know and feel how it is like to be in a human home. So, I sneaked you in. The first time was exhilarating for you and me; you risked being shouted at and myself, the same. I brought you into the living room and that’s when we had a mini tour of the ground floor of our home. The home you spent your whole life guarding with the bravery of a dark knight. A dark knight, you certainly are.

The second time, I brought you upstairs. It was even more exciting than the first. Stepping into uncharted territory as the furry foreigner you are!

The third time, I brought you into my room! I turned on the air conditioner so you could experience what it’s like to be human. Artificially cooling our own rooms, at the cost of the millions of other living things outside. At the cost of you suffering from the heat we humans selfishly added on to; but at least you found out what it was like. I know my room was not the typical patch of grass you slumbered on, but at least you experienced it!

I played the guitar for you. You were quiet. You listened, you relaxed and you had shed a tear. Even I couldn’t believe that you had done that! A ferocious beast, intimidating to most people but a rather soft soul in front of me. It took you quite a while!

I always loved talking to you. You’re always so still, like a sea without waves. Confided in you so many things that you couldn’t even understand but there you were, beside me. Listening. Trying. I truly savored every second, you know that? We gave you food, shelter and water; but, not love. I regret that.

I remember hugging you too and it felt really good. Fuck what people say about it being dirty and unhygienic. Who cares! Love is love.

When I started work I didn’t have much time for you, even though it knew you did not have much time left. The night before you passed away, I didn’t see you anywhere but I was told you were alright. The next morning was a huge shock to me. It was unexpected. I saw that you were sleeping, but I couldn’t tell if you were breathing or not.

“Zorro!” No answer.

“Zorro!” No answer again.

I touched you and you were so stiff. That’s when I knew; but I couldn’t stay long because I had to leave for work. I felt like a prick. A fucking prick, knowing I couldn’t stay long because I had to leave for WORK. How ridiculous.

Now I treasure Lucky so much, knowing how much pain he must be feeling after you left him. I play with him whenever I get the chance. He’s too scared to jump off the stairs outside the garden, but I have been trying to make him jump that height. To no avail. As of now. One day he will be brave enough though! I have been giving him hugs too. It feels good.

Rest in peace boy. You meant so much to me when you were still here, and you always will.


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