Dear Chuben


My response to your birthday wish:

Dear Chuben, your words touched me immensely. I’m so glad that we have stuck to each other until now after so many difficulties.

I like us. A lot.

That’s like saying I like myself as much as I like you, which is what many people miss out on. They forget to love themselves first before loving others. That’s when high expectations become sore disappointments to the soul. That’s what paranoia and insecurity feast on. That’s when one person in the relationship feels like the only one in the relationship. However, I am proud to say we have got those things sorted out. *High five!

I really like where we are now. It used to be you, studying for your examinations in medical school; me, just doing simple house chores in my room during the weekend. Now it’s you, watching Running Man (FIGHTING) and editing photos and videos; me, shifting priorities between work and society matters in university. Sorry that I have not been paying as much attention to you as before. In Langkawi, I really felt that Gmail and Facebook were robbing me of whatever time I have, time that I could have spent with you during the ongoing summer break.

Thinking about leaving for the U.K this September really SUCKS. However, we both know it is something we need to adapt to all over again. Just like before. Just like last September.

Just like before.

We’re strong and we know it. I love us, I love you. FIGHTING!


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