It’s difficult to create a title for a post like this.


I miss knowing that I need to go to the office on weekdays. Now that my internship is over, it’s going to feel weird.


I just hung out with the medical students from IMU. BBQ sauce never goes wrong as a marinade and the dory fish fillets were a +1 for the appetite.

They’re pretty cool people, until they throw medical jargons back and forth at each other. It became pretty confusing at one point; but it’s fine if they see me say this. They probably got used to it already.

Life of a medical student seems tough. Every hour of the day you’re thinking about the names of bones and nerves; and when they’re supposed to relax, they know they’re not supposed to unless you’re really good at memorizing.

And when you know you are, you don’t show it (or maybe a little),
because we all know that there’s a little kiasu fucker in us.


Saw this baby who was climbing out of his seat and over the glass fence to reach out to me. Naturally, I made funny faces. The baby’s mom psst-ed at me and whispered to me behind the baby…

“Scold him, scold him!”

I wagged my finger at the toddler disapprovingly and he went back to his seat.
Obtained: two thumbs up from the mom.


Continued French classes today and met a guy who worked with the United Nations. His stories ranged from managing multiple governments’ agendas to having a personal laptop to avoid getting the one given to him hacked again.
One thing he loved to mention was how he used to be paid in U.S dollars. He mentioned it three times, with his eyes widening every time he uttered “dollars”.

“The pay is good, the pay is good but you go through many sleepless nights with these agendas on your mind”


It has been long since I last had a day like this. Sitting in a coffee shop (Sips & Bites) with my laptop, blogging, drinking tea that is way more expensive in the UK per cup, and having no plans. The OCBC internship gave me a real big impact, and I think I will write about it soon.

Also, the two people in front of me were talking about something called ‘FSquirt’. They repeated it many times, and tried to make sure it was the correct spelling. ‘FSquirt’ sounds funny.

‘Accidentally’ peeked at his laptop too. Saw the title of his document.


I love observing.


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