6.9: That awesome French restaurant called Yeast

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 3.51.33 PMWas supposed to attend a forum that I signed up for today but really, I’ve had enough of them; and also because time spent with Chuben > time spent at a forum.  

Had an awesome lunch at Yeast in Bangsar.

The restaurant was cozy in its own unique French way and one of the owners even came around a few times to check on how we were doing. 

“Have a nice brunch”. “Mm that looks good. Is everything alright?” Très bien.

Also, from the fact that most of the food being served revolved around bread, to its checkerboard tiles on the floor, would make one who has visited Paris nostalgic.  

The Chuben and I sat at the bar, which gave us a bird’s eye’s view of the kitchen’s operations. The chefs and waiters constantly played around and joked about anything and everything during the rush hour, but remained professional throughout lunchtime and served the best Eggs Benedicts, Canard Confits and Quiche Lorraines you could possibly find in Malaysia (if you disagree, let me know and we can go to said best French restaurant together). On top of our mains, we finished our lunch with a sublime Crème Brulée, better than most that I tasted in Paris. 

To end this post, I’m going to ask you to do one thing:

Go. To. Yeast.  

7.9; 1.27 a.m. 
Note to self: although minced garlic mixed with soy sauce tastes great with any Chinese dish (except pork ribs glazed with dragonfruit-Marmite sauce), please restrain from eating too much next time.  
Now my breath reeks of garlic. When will this ordeal end? I. Do not. Know. #prayforshaun#hashtagsdontdoshit
UPDATE: it lasted the whole of the day after (fml)



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