This is more like a notebook la btw

Other than the definitions of Quell and Misgivings, I learnt two new things today:

1) Market Breadth, which determines whether a market is more bullish or not by analysing the number of companies advancing in relative to companies declining

2) Floating-Rate Notes, that is a debt instrument that protects investors against rising interest rates. How? I’m not so sure now.

UPDATE: I understand it now, thanks to this website; but not this website.

That’s What Shaun said recently hit the 200-like mark. It’s not an accurate measure of anything really, but at least I know more people are viewing the status updates created by the team.

If you’re wondering what TWSS is, it’s just another way to read the news. As I like to make things more understandable (out with the heavy jargon!), I thought that I could do the same with news stories. People often want to read and gain more knowledge of the world they’re leaving in, but it can be quite tough at times.

That’s What Shaun Said is a step towards making it easier for everyone. Check it out!


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