Had breakfast immediately after I woke up (took a shit before that la).

Boiled the water, put two eggs in.

Bring out my heavy ass wooden chopping board I bought from Ikea for about 13 quid (worth it), and began slicing oranges.

Zaim asked why didn’t just eat them from the skin itself, as normal people would do. Told him my teeth were sensitive, which reminded me to charge my electric toothbrush. Really love using the electric toothbrush, makes my teeth feel squeaky clean.

Back to breakfast…

Sliced the oranges into small chunks and put them into a ball. Added some good ol Dorset Muesli (the one with loads of raisins, dried apricots, and dried pears).

“NOOOOOOOOO,” the orange slices, dried fruit and oat flakes screamed for their lives as the milky mixture engulfed them.

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