having a tad too much to drink

When someone has a tad too much to drink, you know how people say things like “He’s not going to remember this when he wakes up”? Well, I had a drink or two too much yesterday; but, I remember everything clearly.

I remember, when the first few drinks came along. Zhane brought some red wine to the housewarming, and Hau Wei opened the bottles for us like the seasoned partygoer he secretly it. We poured it for everyone in the house, and the party shifted its gear from dinner to drinks. Those plastic cups seemed innocent. A few minutes later, a pleasant buzz sneakily replaced my worries and concerns. It felt good. Slightly lightheaded, but good.

I remember, when 1 to 2 drinks transformed into 5 or 6. We started downing them like there was no event at 3 p.m. the next day that I had to be in charge of, because not worrying feels like the best thing someone could ever indulge in. Especially when you have a lot to carry on your shoulders, it felt good to let go of that weight even if it was just for an instance. We got Andrew to down some wine, and that whisky, and then vodka. *cue Krish’s “WOAAAAAAAAAAAH”

He got really red, and so did I (like the lobster I am). My head at this time, was really really light.

I also remember, that my cheeks hurt because I was smiling too much. Also, three people took videos of me. You… sons of bitches. Joking. Please don’t post it up on Facebook, or you’ll die. I kid you notPhotos are fine though!

I remember, everything in the living room was comfortable. Everything was like a bed to me. Not just any bed, but the softest and most cushy of all the beds ever produced in this world. First, there was the cold and soothing wall beside the television. Then, there was the couch. After that, it was Adre’s shoulders and Zhane’s. Then, back to the couch. Finally, my bed.

Most importantly, I remember how my friends helped me. They gave me water, they asked me if I was okay, they gave me more water to drink, a few plastic bags and even threw them away once I was done using them. Some even tried to clean the carpet! Once they put me into bed, they came in and checked on me several times before leaving, and even opened the window for me so that the room doesn’t become too warm and stuffy. How amazing!

I am so thankful. Thanks, everyone. It was a memorable night.


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