Keep calm and dig out your friend’s embarrassing moments

Wouldn’t it be pleasant to feel so tired at the end of the day, because you laughed so much throughout it? What a happy thought.

It’s not always this easy. When you have so many things going on, all at once. That’s when it hits you hardest, and you struggle to cope with the pace of every thing that’s happening. Studies, and extra-curricular activities. Both good and bad can come out of this. Good, is when everything turns out fine at the end; bad, when you start worrying about everything before the end.

This week will be hectic, and I’ll need to pull through it eventually.


You laugh about the ridiculous photos that your friends posted back in 2008 on Facebook, you cringe at the spelling errors/MSN messenger short forms that they put up on their status updates, and you go to Andrew’s profile to find evidence of his previous experiments of using Adobe Photoshop.

His 1980s hair is hilarious. So are Zaim and Irene’s selfies, Chealsea’s undesirable return to skul, and Amir’s confusion as a result of his interest in things that contradict each other.

“WTH?” Amir expressed his frustration.

I see this thing where you dig out everyone’s embarrassing moments and publicising them emerge as a ‘thing’, a new trend, a headline whore.




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