The story behind Chonniu and Chuben.

The thing about Chonniu is that it’s such a cute nickname yet again created by the one and only Chuben (my girlfriend la).

It’s not the first time she’s done this.

First it was Blubber, because blubber is what keeps the seals and walruses up in the Antartica warm and cozy; and, somehow Chuben seemed to have thought that it suited me. She must have referred to my college tummy, although it was significantly smaller than what it is today. She used to think it was comfortable. It still is now. Maybe, even more comfortable now!

But, it’s nice to know that it keeps her warm like actual blubber. She keeps me even warmer too, with all her tight hugs. I have never liked it when our hugs end, but she knows that if each hug is to remain special and unique to each moment, it has to be brief. Thankfully, the feeling that lasts is the opposite.

Second nickname that she spontaneously created was Chubs… I think. It’s amazing how all these nicknames just pop out like mushrooms in a dense rainforest. What’s the origin of Chubs? I’m not sure. Shall we move on?

Third nickname that I can recall was, Shaunnie. Well, self-explanatory.

Fourth nickname was Bubs. To really understand the term ‘Bubs’, you first need to understand the complete definition of ‘Chubs’. I think I can explain what it really means now. ‘Chubs’ was derived from the word ‘chubby’, and according to the Law of Hsu-Ven’s Special List of Nicknames, you must deliberate over which letters are unnecessary. Or, to your whims and fancies, remove random letters and hope it sounds good.

However, that only applies if you have mastered and fully comprehended the Theory of Crafting Nicknames (written by Chuben Wong. View her article on Google Scholar for free). 

After substituting the letters ‘b’ and ‘y’ for the letter ‘s’, you get ‘Chubs’.

But, how about Bubs? Just apply the damn Law of Hsu-Ven’s Special List of Nicknames, damn it! Stated in Article 4, page 1103243109121308 of the Law:

One must be creative with the size of letters.

The explanation: make the letter ‘C’ smaller, rotate it 90 degrees anti-clockwise, and use it to fill in the gap in the letter ‘h’. Hence, you get a ‘b’. 

The result: Bubs. 

Last but not least, we have arrived at relatively well known ‘Chonniu’. How did the girlfriend do this? First, you have to look at ‘Chonniu’ as two separate entities: ‘Chon’ and ‘Niu’.

‘Chon’ is derived from Shaun; ‘Niu’, from Liew. TA-FREAKIN-DA! I believe the nickname ‘Chon’ was given by a friend named Lydia back in college. Lydia really liked us as a couple. “Chon and Chuan” she would say.

Now, how do you get Chuben?

Same thing! ‘Chu’ is derived from ‘Hsu’; ‘Ben’, from ‘Ven’. TA-DA!

It’s amazing how Chuben always comes up with new nicknames. I love her. A lot. 

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