When MAS announced Mueller was taking over as CEO

Why is it a bad thing for a non-Malaysian to head MAS as CEO?

Lost pride.

National identity crisis.

Unrealized local potential.

The idea that our very own people are not competent enough to run our very own companies.

Why is it not a bad thing?

Foreign or not, if it leads the company to new heights then why not. As future leaders of the country we’re constantly so disappointed in, we need to look past this foreign not foreign mindset and pick what’s best to bring ourselves out of this mess regardless of who put us in it in the first place. Much can be debated about who is to be blamed, or how much ownership should locals have in local companies, or who should pay our debts.

But how are we supposed to solve all these problems when we focus more on whether our newly-appointed national airline’s CEO is German, rather than whether he’s good enough to do his job?



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