Reliving the past: an early start to the new year.

I spent a lot of time thinking today. My thoughts just kept wandering here and there, and finally ended up in a decision to clean up my noticeboard. The rationale? New year, new memories. Leave the old ones behind, acquire new ones.

Then, I started going through all the little things that were up on my noticeboard. Keychains, postcards, pictures and mementos (HAH still remember Zahir came up with this Word of the Day for one of the Toastmasters meetings I attended).

Just check this shit out man.


Ah, the first ever live football match I attended. This was the pass needed to enter the stadium to watch the players train. The day after, was when Malaysia played against Arsenal. I remember watching the match with a really great friend, but things happened and we moved on our separate paths; but I was glad to have watched the game with someone who was as passionate as me about the playing styles of Arsenal.

4-1 to the Arsenal!


Ahah! Didn’t remember the score for this one, but I certainly had a good time with Zhenyu and James.


The empty plastic card cover. During the first few weeks of college in Subang, the administration gave this to all the students. We were meant to wear them at all times. However, the humidity and heat of Bolehland made me sweat a lot and when this thing is on your neck so often it absorbs all of it, you know it’s not a very good idea to put it on every time you go to class. As in, every time I had to go up four flights of stairs and wait for the air conditioner to power up in any classroom we walked into. Remember those moments when you enter a classroom, and someone left it on before they stopped using it? Felt like giving an award to the person who did it every time this happened.

Who's the man? You're the man!
Who’s the man? You’re the man!


The Club Med Volleyball Medal. Well, it was balloon volleyball. I was a kid, and winning a medal then made me really happy. It’s still a medal right?

I don't get medals often woi leave me alone :(
I don’t get medals often woi leave me alone 😦


I get all sorts of medals you know? Nope.

Certs are like medals, right? Nope.

They signify accomplishments in life. Nope. Especially with certs of participation.

Anyway, above are certificates awarded by Chuben to me. I’d like to call them, Chubificates. One of the accomplishments included that time I drove home with a manual car without its engine dying. Isn’t that love!  In case you don’t know what the drawing on the left is, it’s a sheep.


Now these two pictures are something! Both related to the good ol’ shuffling days back in Sri Kuala Lumpur. It was really cool back then. WAS. Still do it every now and then in nightclubs in Leeds. I mean, jumping and fist-pumping gets damn boring okay? On the left, an overpriced Bass Agents lanyard. On the right, William’s artwork. He did this for me when I was in a crew. Shuffle crew. Stfu ok. And we stole one of the wooden planks from a Kemahiran Hidup lab/classroom. Very cool stuff.

Those Sigma days…

So, the white paper on the left is the agenda for our class’ ‘educational’ trip to Seremban and Melaka. Wei Ying drafted this out, if I’m not mistaken. She also planned the whole trip! Kudos to her, for letting the whole class escape and for basically bringing ‘ponteng’ to the next level.

Picture on the right is 11 Sigma 2011! Fun times, fun times. Think Nicklaus was absent that day, because he was too busy doing… idk. Funny story! There was once Nicklaus and Solomon were playing video games with their phones, and the teacher called them out; but they twisted the whole scene and made the teacher believe that Nick was jerking Solomon off. 

The whole class at that time.
Planking was SO cool then. THEN.

This was when planking was a trend. One thing led to another, and the next thing you know Wei Wen, Yin Ling and I were on The Star. Yes, that’s my Blackberry. Yes, I chose the purple silicone case.

I said biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch
I said biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch.
I’ll wait for Japan to recover.

Got this on my birthday from my dad’s Japanese friend. Forgot about it after I pinned the envelope to the board.

The end result. Just look at that Angry Bird. Thanks Quinny!

Pinned the important photos back up after.

My noticeboard currently.

With 2015 soon approaching, looking back and thinking about all that happened so far in life made looking forward that much more exciting. All the possibilities, all the work, all the accomplishments.

Here’s to a better year.


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