Afterthoughts: The Script

Last night, I attended The Script’s concert in Leeds’ very own First Direct Arena. Here are a few things I thought about:
  1. Bands always lie about having the best crowds ever. If they perform in Leeds, that’s where the best crowd’s at. If they perform in Manchester, that’s where the best crowd’s at and so on.
  2. Watching the band perform at other places before you actually watch them live might be a good thing. For example, my expectations were lowered when the guys were watching The Script perform in Manchester. Man, did the crowd suck! Back then, I thought the atmosphere wasn’t going to be so great; but because I expected less, I managed to enjoy their performances even more.
  3. Concerts in the U.K aren’t as hyped as up as they are in Malaysia. A possible explanation is that international artists don’t visit us as much; so every time someone does, we react as though it will never happen again in the near future. Note: this usually applies to Western musicians. One can also suggest it’s because there are many more old people who attend concerts in the U.K. ‘Old’ people can be energetic too, but when compared to the girly teens who drool over Justin Bieber at his concerts do we really need to look closely at what makes a concert hyped up?
  4. The Script loves their fans so much their lead singer decided to be with the crowd during one of their songs. Literally. He popped out and started to make his way through the crowd. Imagine the shit the bodyguards have to go through if he did the same thing in Malaysia.
  5. The water dispenser is sexist. It was poorly placed outside the women’s toilet’s entrance, as though strategically out of reach from the men (unless they decide to put on a thick face to quench their thirst). I mean, how sexist is that! Men need to drink too! Thankfully, a few ladies giggled, acknowledged how awkward our situation, and brought us some water using plastic cups from the bar. First Direct Arena Leeds should really do something about their sexist water dispensers.
The gang had a chill out session at an Italian mamak (I say mamak just because they serve fresh and tasty food late at night). That’s enough from me. If you made through all 5 points, you get a bonus story for free! Scroll down to claim it.




There was an old couple in their mid-40s who were so into each other they did not pay attention to The Script. Not only were they kissing each other passionately the whole time, they just had to let everyone around them know by bumping into them i.e Pathvinder and me the WHOLE TIME. At one point, they were so in sync with the songs I could feel their hair, body, arm, leg, butt rub against me rhythmically. EW.


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