Storytelling challenge #1

I challenged myself to write one day, and told my friends to create sentences and promised them that I would use them in a story. Below are the sentences. After those, the story itself.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 3.05.36 AM

The rain in Spain falls gently over the plain. The vacation was supposed to last a week, but got cut short to 3 days instead: it was all because of her.

Seeing her on this little island caught me off-guard. I never got closure from Leia. My fondest memory of her was when she posed the question, “How in the world did you find a black banana?”. Her adorable innocence never failed to make me weak inside. “You get it from a normal banana.” “How?” “You wait.” She approached me with eager eyes, and examined me.

“It’s not what it looks like,” I said before she could make a remark.

“Why are you carrying so many paintings with you? Are you planning to make it big in the streets of Spain with… uhm… weirdly coloured food?” She replied with a high tone.

“I’m helping a friend out with his furniture. He’s moving to a place nearby here.”

“Pizzas are never blue,” She pointed at the painting clamped in my right armpit.

“He’s got a strange taste in art.”

We continued talking, and eventually I introduced John to her. John appeared unkempt, after all the work with moving the boxes in and out. Although exhausted, he stuck to formalities and then asked if Leia was hungry.

“Sandwich?” John said as he pulled out his cling film-wrapped meal out of his bag pack, only to realise there were bite marks on it.

“I see you were very hungry,” Leia was more curious than surprised, as whoever ate that sandwich had a fetish for cling wrap too.

“Oh no. Oh no. It wasn’t me. It’s my pet lizard. It ate my sandwich,” John turned sheepish, and then pulled out his pet lizard from the same compartment.

He explained how the lizard had a way of sticking together with him, no matter where he goes.

That day we had dinner together at John’s house. Dusk was falling rapidly, and the gentle drizzle had stopped by then. Our homemade feast at was accompanied by a bottle of Spain’s finest red wine, the 2013 Campo Viejo Tempranillo; and John, Leia, & I advanced from mere acquaintances to childhood friends. It is true that when they say alcohol helps lighten up the mood, but I was never serious to begin with until I saw what John was doing.

It was apparent that John was making a move on Leia, and she gracefully and so shamelessly accepted every gesture in front of my face as though I wasn’t there the whole time. However, although they rarely ever set their sight on me, I had nothing to do but watch them exchanging glances. I could see it in their eyes. “So this is what friends do to each other,” I mused.

The wine had gotten the best of us, and made us three very sleepy.

The house had two rooms. Very kindly John offered both rooms to Leia and me, and opted for the couch downstairs. We walked upstairs, and went into our own bedrooms as guests. An hour later, the cries of someone woke me up.

“Help, stop, oh no!”

At first, it sounded like moans of pleasure. They’re at it, I thought. I kept listening.

“Stop, stop, stop!”

It became more disconcerting by the second: I should do something about it. So, I got up and made my way toward the other bedroom. At the instance that I opened my door, I heard something. Both our doors creaked at the same time. John’s footsteps got louder, and then softer as he descended to his couch. “He raped her,” I convinced myself.

Jealousy is powerful. It drives you to do things that don’t make sense, such as stabbing John in his sleep with the knife he used to cook dinner earlier. I muffled his scream with a pillow as I slowly inserted the sharp edge into his right eye, then left, and then his chest. The final blow.

“You do not look at her like that. Also, you do not fuck her against her own will.”

Leia was watching me the whole time. She must have been paralysed by what I had done to protect her, but it was the right thing to do.

“What… did you just do…” Her voice quivered.

“It was all a misunderstanding. I forgot to tell him that I was still madly in love with you. Hence, all the blood on the floor. Oops.” I replied swiftly. Confidently. Genuinely.

And just like that, while looking me with those accusing, sorrowful eyes, she stepped back into the abyss. And, she ran. I chased, but she disappeared. I went back to the living area, and that was the moment when my insides curled up in horror and disgust: the couch is now ruined, drenched in blood. It was a fine piece of leather furniture.

My thoughts drifted away for a moment…

“And this, son,” heaved my dad breathlessly as he pulled out of me, “is what sodomy means.”

I looked back at John. “All the best in hell,” I told his lifeless body.

“When you meet my dad, tell him I have not forgiven him yet.” 

I walked away from the burning house to find Leia. I’ll find her eventually.


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