I attended rehearsals two nights ago to see how everyone was doing. When they were taking a break, we took photos of the cast to be used as portraits. Everyone gathered around the makeshift backdrop (makeshift, as in a long white table was flipped to stand on its own) to think of creative poses. They were really excited about it. I was observing from outside through the window while talking to Celina, and I felt really happy.

It’s the same kind of happiness I felt last night in Prashanth’s flat when everyone was just having a good time after the ball. Normally when surrounded by tipsy/drunk people, you would want to join in the fun by being a bit tipsy/drunk as well. It’s fun to let loose, is it not. It’s strange that although I was the sober wallflower, I still managed to have a lot of fun.

I guess so long as other people are happy, I’m happy.

Thank you, it’s been a wonderful year. 











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