I’d remain a fool if…

During our last committee meeting, Celina opened the door and shouted ‘Surprise motherfucker!’, my initial thoughts were…

“Okay that’s Celina being Celina alright!”

Zaim and I were discussing whether we should do something special for the whole committee since it was going to be our last meeting as a committee. I suggested shots of red wine every 5 minutes; Zaim suggested pizza; but, we both didn’t want the committee to find out. At the end, our plans didn’t come to fruition, and I blame Andrew for that  because everyone was too busy.

A large chunk of the committee were running late, and it annoyed me slightly. That’s when Celina stormed into the room. The rest of the junior committee then walked in with pizza boxes in their hands and started singing ‘Negaraku’. Why? I honestly don’t know; but, I know that I was smiling like an idiot deep down inside and my cheek muscles were about to suffer from severe cramps.

Sometimes, I get so focused on getting things done that I forget about how awesome these people are. They might not be the best at what they needed to do (including myself); but without a doubt these people are amazing in their own ways; and, I’d remain a fool if I had not realised that. 

The whole committee. The pizzas represent the junior committee.

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