The day before MNight

Today, I had an interesting conversation with a cab driver. He talked about the American and Chinese allies such as Israel and Pakistan. He also wants China to be the most powerful nation in the world, because the U.S is sapping the powers of developing nations. He saw my phone, and thought of buying it for his girlfriend. “Fuck Apple,” he said.

Today, I drank wine in the afternoon for the first time. It’s not easy looking like freshly boiled crab out in the streets of Headingley. I ordered wine to go with my meal in WHITES. Merlot from Chile. I sat a table at the corner with a view of the slow moving traffic, and was waiting for my meal. There was a coat hanger right beside my table, and a man approached it to take his coat and noticed something on the table. I then introduced the One Plus to him.

“I’ll Google it,” he said.

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 2.42.09 AM

Today, I forgot to bring my house key out. After our Dikir Barat practice, Amir accompanied me in the Union because I was waiting for the housemates to reach home. Syazni then popped out from The Terrace with a bunch of his friends, and we headed to the Hidden Cafe. A mini jam session ensued. New friends made. Good night.

Tomorrow, people are coming to Leeds MNight. As much as I loathe the stress that comes along with organizing such a huge event in Leeds, I have a strong feeling that I will miss it immensely.


It’s going to be a good night, because the past four months are going to be fucking worth it.


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