The best shit eva

The thing is, you don’t know whether you need it.

That’s because you haven’t tried it.

It’s just like the iPhone. Before it was released, people never found out that they actually needed it. Like air.

Plus, there were numerous articles emphasizing Steve Jobs’ idea on how tech companies should invent something people never knew they needed.

You know what? It worked! The craze endured, and people still look forward to breaking their iPhone 4s, to use it as a legit excuse the iPhone 5.

However, I’m not talking about the next Google glass.

In fact, what I’m talking about has always been there. It’s been there the whole time! Sadly, people just never paid enough attention to it.

I must not stay silent anymore. People need to know about this. So, here goes nothing:







2nd breakfasts. 

Think about it.

Why wait to have Mamak food at night for supper, when you can have it right after dim sum?!

Why wait to have RM5 chicken rice for lunch (because breakfast was already prepared at home), when you can have it right after?!

Why wait to have pork noodles in ss15 for lunch, when you can have it right after juicy, caramelized char siu fan?! THERE’S NEVER TOO MUCH PORK IN LIFE. NEVAAAAAAAAAAAAAR.

Why wait for the next day for another sumptuous bowl of kolo mee, when you can have two (three, four, five…) bowls on the same day during breakfast?!

Guys, girls, trust me on this. 2nd breakfast is going to represent the latest hashtag trend on Instagram. Just imagine all the likes you’re gonna get, you likewhore.

But seriously, 2nd breakfasts!!! WOAAAAAAH WTFBBQOMG


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