Review of Economics: The User’s Guide

Why hello there!

Must read

Just finished reading this little blue book written by the unorthodox economist Ha-Joon Chang.

It gives a little bit of everything, just enough to make you question the things that matter today. In its own way, it’s a little ‘hipster’-ish because it separates itself from most introductory books in a few ways:

  1. It considers a large chunk of other schools of thought
  2. The facts and figures are the least of your concerns. It’s as readable as any children’s storybook
  3. It doesn’t give you the impression that it’s biased/inclined toward one school of thought (which is what MOST textbooks are like)
  4. Each section contains a memorable pitch (a sentence) so you never forget what’s the gist
  5. It debunks myths and faces the tough questions people don’t usually ask

The pitch: if you think economics is a difficult subject, this book will make you think otherwise.

Must read


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