1:51 AM

Thought #1:

Today I studied for about two hours. After studying, I realised I actually had time to study. When I left the cafe and got into the car, I literally shouted in excitement: “OMG I HAVE TIME TO STUDY NOW!”

Thought #2:

My dad said something really racist today. I hated it. I wanted to tell him how stupid it was of him to have said such a thing; but, I held back because it wouldn’t change a thing. I just need to keep focusing on the things I can change.

Thought #3:

When making 7-second videos, you’ll never know what’s actually a ‘good’ (by good I mean, easily generates likes) video idea. It’s strange how sometimes when you think it’s a bad idea, it ‘good’; when you think it’s good, it’s ‘bad’.


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