A bit of the serious and frivolous

While universities worldwide are striving to improve how we communicate as jobseekers, most of our syllabus still depends on academic writing. This disturbs me because a small portion of students go on to become academics (the majority go on to become entrepreneurs, engineers, politicians, blue-/white-collar workers); and yet, the focus is on academic writing. Long, draggy, and sophisticated sounding – these lie in stark contrast to what most people need, which is short, simple, and direct communication. So, why do schools still put so much emphasis on it when it comes to grading?


I realise that at every café I go to, I will need to find a perfect corner to station myself forevaaaaaaa. Corners are strategic in the sense that their private, away from the centre where noisy groups gather, and near the windows (just enough so that the sunlight doesn’t reach your workplace completely) where you can stalk people and appear occupied by deep thought.


There’s this annoying dude on Facebook’s Kota Kemuning group that never fails to bug any serious discussion going on, and I just found him in person in this café. He owns it, I think. #CBKspotted


This lady at the bar accidentally went all out cinapek when she said the word ‘metropolitan’. Metropoli-TAN. As in Ah Tan, that Tan la. I say accidentally because she corrected herself right after. It’s like how my brain doesn’t decide quick enough whether to say ‘Can’t’ or ‘Kenot’ before I say it out loud, and I end up saying ‘KA-not’.


It seems that café focuses more on beverages. I say that because the food menu doesn’t look very appealing. The usuals la, such as omelette, sandwiches etc. All the stuff Malaysians don’t usually eat. I think the way forward for new cafés would be to present themselves as value-for-money eateries too, such as Jac’s On The 8th! Dat place homy as fuk. 


Why didn’t I blog as much in Leeds? I’LL TELL YOU WHY. It’s because I wasn’t free, BUT NOW I AM. I’M FREEEEEEEEEEEE.


One of my goals of That’s What Shaun Said: upon graduation, create jobs for graduates instead of finding for one as a graduate. Time to make a difference.


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