10 things I’ve been reading about, when I should be studying

Exams are coming up soon, but I haven’t been reading the material I’m supposed to read in order to score an A or pass. So, here’s a list of things (other than lecture notes, powerpoint slides, and textbooks) that I’ve been reading up on:

  1. World War I on Wikipedia
  2. World War II on Wikipedia
  3. The economic history of the U.K on BBC
  4. How you actually get the value of pi (through a method called exhaustion)
  5. How the best mutual funds are picked then sold to the public
  6. How there is rarely ‘perfect’ competition in markets
  7. Israeli-U.S relations
  8. Things invented by Jewish people
  9. How to grow a pair
  10. How to use photoshop

As you can see, I’m setting myself up for a perfect storm. Time to study.


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