things I learnt today on (mostly) Photoshop

  1. cmd + A to select all
  2. cmd + D to deselect
  3. Convert to Smart Object to make life easier
  4. T to transform
  5. Drag after pressing T with Shift to ensure photo ratio stays intact
  6. Drag a photo directly from its source to the open file to use it
  7. SLICE to keep dimension in check
  8. Rectangular marquee + delete to forgo crop

Other than that, you’ll never know when you (and your designer-coder-startup friend) might bump into a restaurateur-coder at a coffee shop and share each others’ ideas. When you do, foresee epic brainstorming and vigorous rethinking.

Personally, our chance meeting definitely made a big difference to everything we were (and still are) working on.


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