An update

I got a haircut from the hairdressers 30 seconds away from my doorstep. I told him I wanted my fringe gone, so I got the number 4. It wasn’t quite short enough. I asked for the number 3 instead.

It feels light now. I like this feeling.


I was cleaning up my room when I got home. I started with the cork board, and threw away all our polaroid pictures and post it notes. They were written by you.

I was placing my books back on the shelf too, when I saw your letters. I remember I placed them there, so that I could read them over and over again whenever I wanted. I read them again one last time. “Hope we can pull through anything that comes in our away”. Could we?

I paused for a while, before I tossed them reluctantly into the trash can. All that we could have become, is now all we can ever dream of becoming. 


The sunlight in the U.K breathes life into the souls of local students nowadays. Wherever the sunlight hits, the English will be there. No doubt. It’s strange, because back home locals go wherever the cold is.


I can’t wait to get on with Adobe Illustrator. The photos that have been released recently are so blurry. It’s annoying. It looks fine on my notebook, but once it steps into Facebook’s territory it looks fucked up.

Can’t wait to add value to the world too.


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