hi-ed park

9 p.m. Still an alright time to study in the room without the lights on.
Took this because of the shadows.
This was when these two guys finished their tests. The one on the left didn’t sleep for 30 hours. The one on the right just woke up from his nap. As usual, talked shit. Funny shit. I remember there was an easygoing I-don’t-give-a-shit mood in the room too. I like that.
Munchies. See my empty tupperware? That had Special Fried Rice in it. Before this there were fries. SHOESTRING FRIES. ONION RINGS. CURLY FRIES. The onion rings tasted like fries. Freakin weird. EAT ONLY LA
Happiness. (+3 different types of wootwoot)
Hyde Park, Leeds. The leaves were rustling. I liked listening to it. The sunlight made the park gorgeous too. We were here once, your hand in mine. You looked like a penguin. I loved you then. 


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