better days to come

I remember telling you very excitedly about this café. We sat at the window, and watched people walk back and forth. Occasionally, they looked at us. It must have been your awkward coat. Breakfast was good that day. 
The walk from Devonshire Hall was one of the most memorable walks, because you were right beside me. You looked very awkward in your red jumper and oversized coat. You took a selfie too, which eventually became one of my most favourite profile pictures. This was it.
The women in front were making fun of their friend’s accent. The friend apparently ditched them for a different lifestyle. They didn’t know that I was making fun of their accent too.
My lecturer said it was important. I swear this module should be renamed to ‘Life Lessons as a Government Economist’. Simon Wren-Lewis has a blog too, which is pretty cool:
I was the only person walking on the grass. Everyone else stayed on the pavements. The grass felt very nice to walk on. Yes, that’s my finger.


I used the profile picture over and over again, to remind myself of happy times while I was away from home. That was the past. I’m moving on now, but after what we went through I just can’t possibly imagine how difficult it’s going to be. What I do know though, is that it has to be done.

So, it will be done


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