brain food, with dessert

Think about this.

The background: Seng Kiat and I had a discussion of the Free The Nipple movement. I liked this part of the conversation (below).

Lee Seng Kiat: The whole point is of controversy is so that people DON’T react normally, so that a debate can be stirred. The more the controversy, the more fruitful the debate. Why do you want less?

Shaun Liew: Fruitful AND harmful. More fruitful than harmful, more harmful than fruitful? This must be considered.

Lee Seng Kiat: How is it harmful, Shaun?

Listen to this, or read this.

Wong Chen, the Investment and Trade Chairman of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (a.k.a Malaysia’s opposition), discusses the complexities of the TPPA, a controversial trade plan involving much of Asia and the West.

He always writes about the complexities of the economy in plain language. I love that about him. He gets it, the fact that not everyone are well versed in archaic and industry-specific jargon. You just don’t see many people like him nowadays. It gets on my nerves when I see people fighting for a cause, have a dreadfully technical discussion about it (and sometimes without paragraphs oh god), and don’t realise that the people who are affected by whatever the discussion was about DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

But Wong Chen’s not like that. You the man!

Watch this.

A small idk what’s that called (because I haven’t really watched Star Wars yet) hands over a lightsaber to the random stranger. Stormtroopers and Darth Vader appear.


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