Before exams begin

This is it. The day before exams officially begin. Next week will be interesting. 4 papers with limited time to rest in between each. I’ve accepted that I will be very happy with a mere pass. Someone once told me I should aim for the stars, because even if I fail I’ll land on the clouds; but, I also adjust my expectations and stay grounded to reality.

Is a work-life balance actually possible? I find that difficult. When I was part of the committee, I realised I had to give my all, 100%. Not 50%, 75%, or even 99%. What’s the point if you don’t go all in, right? But giving your all in one thing, means putting close to no effort in something else. All that led me here, after a month’s plus worth of studying. Happy to get a mere pass, while plenty others are looking to get a 1st class. I thought I’d be pretty disappointed in myself for only wanting a pass, but I’m pretty comfortable now. That was the trade-off: to work with people, in exchange for good grades. I would give up good grades any day, for the chance to add value in people’s lives.  

But it’s always a balancing act. Isn’t it?


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