For one year, I was blind. I knew something was wrong, but I kept trying and lowered my expectations. And again, and again, and again. Anymore lower, and I think would have gone insane. That was the breaking point for me. Even when we parted our reasons were miles apart, which made me question if we were even on the same page of our problems all this while. Clearly not. Now I think of her every once in a while. I shared this story with my close friends, but it eventually only took one of them to call me a ‘doormat’ to realise after so long that I was indeed a doormat. It’s amazing how love can make someone so blind. “I would do anything for you“. Not anymore.


2 thoughts on “Doormat

  1. Appreciate the love and bond that you guys shared. What is life, but a journey of pain and happiness. I understand your pain, but don’t resent her not being there when it matters. Don’t be too hard on yourself, her feelings for you might not be what it was but at least you were able to live through it and who your are now is a direct influence of what you two shared. Now how to incognito?

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