Last night, I had dreams again. The kind that you’re conscious of when you know you’re about to enter a dream. Normally, I’d and try to wake up to escape from it; but this time, I let go.

There was another thing I found fascinating too: I was able to control my dream, just by thinking about it. It’s weird if you have never felt that half-awake/half-dreaming phase before, but not for me. I’d realise quite often that I’m in a dream.

Sleeping, but awake. Dreaming, but aware.

I thought of good things last night. Sweet, corny, romantic, wishful, cheesy fries, bacon, and sausages. Yes, the last three things describes a post-Chandler Bong Bing meal. It was as though I watched a 2-hour movie unfold inside my head while lying down. When it ended, I woke up and thought, “Wow, that was a good movie”.

Brb hungry.


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