For an hour, I just stared at this window.

never knew broken KTM windows could end up in a blog post

Today, I took the KTM back to Shah Alam from my workplace; and, I stared at this for the entire journey.

I was carefully observing how the evening light was playing with the infinite cracks on the window. Under a tunnel, where there is not much light, you would be able to see the graffiti walls. When the sunlight’s less harsh, the cracks would only show one side of themselves. When the sun’s right in front of the window, whatever’s outside would disappear in an instant and only a light painting of billions of yellow lines could be seen; and, it was just so beautiful.

Cracks tell a story too. If you looked at the left side of picture, you would need to trace a crack all the way to the right, just to reach where the impact started. It reminded me of how reading the news could be so difficult sometimes: in order to wrap your head around a story, you often find yourself clicking ‘Open in New Tab’ after ‘Open in New Tab’ after ‘Open in New Tab’ over and over again, just so you could get to where it all started.  Or, how every problem has its own problems, which has their own problems, and so on.

It’s just a freaking huge mess, this life, if you keep tracing things back to where they started; because eventually when you reach its origin, you would look back to now and think “How the hell did it end up here?”

Did I tell you that I also love eavesdropping?

In front of me, there were two ladies in their 30s talking about their wide array of bachelors from different states such as Yap from Penang or Kao from Ipoh; on my left, two college boys were talking about ‘Top 10 disturbing children toys’, ‘Top 10 this’, and ‘Top 10 that’, and how it was all oh-so-funny (but I could tell the other guy was sick of hearing all these things from the way he paused so long to answer his friend).

On my far right, I caught the glance of a girl.

I was in my half-asleep/half-standing dance while trying to shield my nose using my elbow from the commuters (because runny nose), when I saw her looking at my direction. At first, she looked only for a while, leaned further in front, and was about to smile. While I noticed all that was happening, I turned away so effortlessly because I was already thinking about someone else.

Felt bad for her though. She made an effort. It was really brave of her.


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