Taylor’s College: unrealistic expectations and reputation

If Taylor’s College was instead described more like a business, it would have seen so much growth in the past 2 years after I graduated in 2013.

We visited Taylor’s College for a while, and I started to notice so many changes. All of them, positive.

The signs were neatly designed with very apt colours and suitable fonts; the study areas expanded through the rearrangement of the furniture (which made even more sense than before); and, the noticeboards got a little more of the respect they had always deserved with the addition of a plastic cover on them to protect the posters.

However, it was when we were walking through the careers centre that I spotted something which made me think: the student profiles of the most successful university applicants were the only ones featured.

(okay maybe there were others of the less prestigious universities who got some attention in these posters, but I didn’t spot them. If there are, okay lor.)

University of Oxford.


Dan lain-lain.

I would think that parents would easily fall prey to the illusion that if they sent their children to this institution, that they might end up in prestigious universities. Parents should remind themselves that these successful alumni who managed to secure positions in the best universities in the world didn’t do so just because they attended Taylor’s College, as though the students didn’t work hard to build their applications for the years before attending college.

But, it helps to think that there’s a reason a college like Taylor’s managed to pull in very capable students in the first place, and that’s because of


When Taylor’s was established in 1969, I imagined it had to work really hard to provide quality education; and, all of what it achieved today is probably due to how good of an education provider they were back then. So, it would be unfair to not applaud Taylor’s for being able to build a reputation back then so well enough that they can pull in very capable students now, who eventually secure top universities, and finally allow Taylor’s to prove its worth in black and white and publicise this well to Form 5/Year 11 students in order to sustain itself as a business.

Whether the quality now is as good or worse/better, I don’t know. 

In a nutshell,

Parents, please don’t have unrealistic expectations of your son/daughter becoming a genius in 1-2 years in Taylor’s ah. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and Taylor’s won’t be the only factor if your son or daughter became a genius; but, the college probably would make them better people; and, by how much really depends on the students themselves.

I say this because I saw a lot of huge posters that showed how excellent the college was, and that this could lead to many biases to build up in the minds of people who have to make important decisions for their children, when they should be kept to a minimum.

I keep wondering.

view this if you have time okay


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