Recently, I’ve been enjoying being in the dark (not enjoy being kept in the dark la, because that’s just sick ok here I mean like, literally).

It started off in Leeds, when I realised how annoying tungsten lights can be, and how they just make everything look yellow and make your eyes tired. Then, I started to just work in the dark more often. Lights off, headphones on. It’s very calming, how every type of distraction in the room can just disappear with the flick of a switch, and that the only thing left in focus is your computer screen.

What’s even nicer is how I slowly started to notice 11 p.m. skies can be quite a gorgeous thing to stare at. Deep blue, with a tinge of moonlight.

I was just staring at something similar in Malaysia, out of the window of my room.

8.15 p.m. Lights off, windows open, crickets chirping, and leaves rustling as a result of whatever’s left of the evening’s breeze. I looked up, and it was as though the white moon drew neon lines on the roof tiles of my neighbour’s house. I savour every detail, and looked towards my left and noticed that the moon isn’t the only bright thing in my surroundings, for I saw a large cactus-shaped card.

She made this card for me on my birthday. I thought I had thrown away everything, but I’ve never noticed the card until now. Nostalgia rushed over me in waves of familiarity, but reality stands strong.

It’s in the bin now,

because I’m glad I have (had) you. 


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