The KTM Series #3

This is part 3 of The KTM Series, where I usually write about what I see during my commute. This issue was written by one of my closest friends, Lee King. Props to him! 

The train arrived and people rushed into it ruthlessly to get a seat. What’s new.

There I was, standing with no urgency whatsoever to steal a seat from someone who might need it more than I do. I took a quick glance to see people of all races and religion staring at their glaring phone screens. Emotionless. You tend to catch small conversations from businessmen, concerned mothers and boyfriends flirting with girlfriends (and vice versa) through the phone.

There was a cheeky Indian man who was reserving a seat for his friend. I was initially annoyed, but after a while I found it really cute when he exchanged voice messages with his ‘girlfriend’. I caught him staring rather intently at his phone awaiting a reply from her, face full of hope.

There was also a women in front of me who conveniently snored her way throughout the journey, all the way from KL Sentral to Shah Alam, the station I feel most relieved at. Her friend tried to wake her up by tapping her on the shoulder, even gave her shove. No difference. The snoring continued. She must have had a pretty tiring day.

I often found this period of downtime rather enlightening as I sit and observe the working class of Malaysia. This group of Malaysians may not make the most money, but they sure as hell are the most hardworking bunch of this economy.



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