The KTM Series #6: Sayang

This is the 6th issue of The KTM Series, where I write about what I see whenever I commute to work.

There was a lady who had leaves coming out from her bag pack. I think the pot was inside the bag pack, but it was nice to know she had the kindness of a tree hugging hippie to let some parts of its leaves stick out. She might have been worried they could suffocate if she kept them zipped inside her bag. I took the picture below; she left shortly after.


When I stepped into the train from KL Sentral, I felt as though I was joining the Raya gang in their journeys back from wherever their hometowns are located at. It was considerably more packed than usual too: a sign that the days of being able to get a seat are over. I wonder how the highway users are feeling too, as they will soon realise that the relief from being able to cruise long distances  is only temporary.

“Sayang sayang” the auntie played with her.

There was an auntie who was talking to her husband in Hokkien when the child beside her, standing on her mother’s lap, pinched her playfully. In the picture you could see that her mother and the old couple was so friendly, brought together by the innocence of a child in her pink dress. The auntie was quite impressed with her dress; the uncle was equally stunned. Child’s mother definitely instilling a good sense of fashion in her.

And you think 1Malaysia works. C’mon. Babies are cheaper weh.



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