The KTM Series #7: The Stalking Spree

Today I thought I could get a seat because I was the first in line at the far right of the waiting queues. Saw nice shoes while I was sitting down on the floor.


Then came the old KTM train. I saw its back end fly across my eyes. Mcb. Started walking to it and so did everyone. It was a pathetic walk. So much for the early advantage.

Milo tote bag uncle checking his letter. Clash of clans teen busy closing the advertisements. Sick man with mask on is sleeping. Denim foreigner with the stylish spectacle checking his phone. Standing school boy in his P.E clothes with hands in his pocket. Bag packing uncle is standing with his shades on (wtf it’s not even sunny in here).


South Korean wannabe girl with tiny red lips and the perfect fringe standing around acting cute by just doing nothing.


Floral tudung talking to plain tudung about something on their Whatsapp conversations. Indian man sleeping in a very wise Aristotle pose (or was it Michael Deangelo who sculpted The Thinker. Who cares.)


Oh, just realised he took over mail checking uncle’s seat. Girl in red check and Nike running shoes opposite him, thick past year papers in a black plastic bind on her lap. Cuter than the South Korean wannabe. Don’t even know if she’s actually South Korean.


Shouldn’t judge.

Judged anyway. It’s not as easy you think because judging becomes such an unconscious and regular thing one does you would need to fight it every single day to realise you’re actually prejudiced. Stylish spectacled foreigner still on his phone. Very attentive. Why is there a piece of blank A4 paper on his lap.

Suddenly remembered I needed to pee. Shit. Okay Seri Setia to Shah Alam is another 20 minutes. Then after that another 15 minutes of driving. I can’t wait to go home.

Oh look, highway full of cars. Why do people still drive. I know la. Convenient. Don’t have to wait. But when I think about the 6pm LRT I USED to take from Masjid Jamek, I seriously wondered if these drivers made the right decision to drive home during rush hour.

Shah Alam. Time to drive home to pee.


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