Flying to Kuching wootwoot

I tend to stalk and eavesdrop on people whenever I travel. It made me think whether I should just extend The KTM Series to include all sorts of transportation, but I can decide that later because I’m so excited about going to Kuching.

Before I left for the airport, I had to take a cab from CPPS to Sentral. I was initially pretty pumped up that a Mercedes Benz from Uber was going to come get me, then he was 20 minutes late; you could see his car going in, out, and around my workplace trying to reach that blue pin on the map.

And now I’m at my gate in klia2 45 minutes before the flight departs and the damn airplane isn’t even here yet.


Looking out the vast typical airport window, I spotted the train I took to get here. 30 MINUTES TO KLIA FROM SENTRAL. DAMN FAST. Prior to this I had bought myself a bus ticket because AirAsia’s add-ons made me feel like it was right thing to do. Damn you marketing people. It would have taken me 1 hour and 15 minutes, but even Jordan, a researcher from Australia, was surprised I decided to take the bus in the first place.

“Take train la!” he said.

“Got meh?”

“Yaaaa that’s what I always do.”

Then the taxi driver got lost, and rushed like balls to get here, which is why my burp just smelled like onions.

Since I was rushing to get the train here (damn you Uber), I hurriedly went to one of the small cafes to grab a sandwich. Herb roasted was its name. RM8.50. Woah so cheap, and I don’t even know what I was going to get. Turned out to be roasted vegetables.

Yesterday night I asked Derrick if we could get kolo mee once I arrived. We decided that we would decide later. He he look at that wordplay. Since lunch consisted of onions, red peppers, and bread, I am fucking looking forward to kolo mee now.

25 minutes until I depart. Plane, are you otw?


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