The KTM Series #?

The man beside me looked old, but not that old. He was on his phone looking at a picture of the newly reshuffled Malaysian cabinet.

I looked around us and wondered if everyone else on their phones were looking at the same thing. Were we all concerned about the new DPM? That Muhiyiddin might have known he was going to be sacked already before he made all those remarks about Najib? It would have made more sense, because it’s common that people only make the boldest of decisions when they know exactly when their time is going to be up.

Knowing where the end is what creates new beginnings. How ironic.

Guy on the left was the one looking at the new cabinet
Head banging sleeping beauty #7
Now I know socks will never be able to get married with loafers. It's just not meant to be
The waiting-for-our-ride crew

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