The KTM Series #9

Today I slept really nicely in the KTM. It had been a whole day’s worth of listening to business leaders, advocates, and ministers from the tourism industry.

I was a rapporteur for the summit, organized by the Asian Strategy Leadership Institute, and if there’s one thing I learnt about coffee it would be this: Don’t drink coffee after 2 pm. If you do, yes you Shaun Liew (hehe it rhymed), you won’t be able to sleep well for the entire night; thus ruining the whole of the day after, and you just had to la you dumbass when there’s a damn summit you have to write a report about. Anyway, sleep was good because I managed to get a nice seat from Putra, where the summit was held, though there was a lady who gave me that you’re supposed to get up and give me that seat stare. Twice.

I stared back thinking whether she knew I barely slept. But there was an Arab-ish family with children nearby, and looked the other way because when I’m cranky I am selfish. I remember feeling that I travelled really quickly from KL Sentral, as though it took only a minute to travel 8 stations to reach Batu Tiga, a stop away from Shah Alam.

I panicked when I woke up, because it looked really similar to Shah Alam’s station, and when I did this Malay lady was staring at me. Damn gorgeous sial. Maybe it was her floral dress. (I honestly believe that if a women puts on anything with a floral pattern on it, attraction +2839472 points). I wonder if Zaim would stare at her all day long. Amir, not really, because his type all QQ one for some reason. Could be the influence from Anime.

I looked back at her. She looked back at me, and turned over to her boyfriend and they chuckled. Then she looked back at me again. WTF why. Then I reached Shah Alam, and thought the sky was beautiful; so I snapped a photo of it.






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